Brian Edward Ward

About me and my practice

My work is focussed on ending the suffering that is the consequence of early life trauma and common addictive and destructive behaviours, - and this is my life’s work and passion. This focus also embraces diverse mental illnesses, both neuroses (anxiety, depression, PTSD, etc) and psychoses (schizophrenia, paranoid, bipolar disorder, etc).

I work in person, and now also, - and increasingly, - online via Zoom conferencing, which has proven to be an effective and nurturing medium through which to progress this challenging work.

I do not approach substance dependencies or mental distress as ‘illness’ or ‘sickness’. Instead of presuming ‘disease’ or ‘sickness’ as my starting point, I have learnt to identify the many unique factors that result in mental suffering and substance addictions, and make no assumptions or conclusions from existing diagnoses or behaviours. Instead, I simply use these as clues, which then contribute to a mutually agreed care plan. I empower clients to challenge and change each of these, - to fulfil their unique potential.

All of my work adheres to a trauma informed approach. My therapeutic methods do not involve ‘re-living’ any past experiences or traumas. All of my cognitive work is based solely in the present time. This approach is empowering and gives clients understanding and mastery over their own experience of suffering. My methods are firmly grounded in scientific fact and substance. I believe that ‘knowledge is power’, and so I teach clients the origin, basis, and mechanisms of distress that they experience. Together, we then dismantle each of the various factors that maintain their distress.

Teaching and bringing about permanent change and freedom from substance addictions / dependencies, and healing from mental illness is my life’s work and passion. I have regularly lectured and trained public, private and voluntary sector Agencies in trauma informed care drug and substance addictions, psychopathology and consequences of trauma for more than 20 years, and this work is still ongoing in my commitment to promote intelligent multi-disciplinary work with early trauma.

Outline of offer and experience

For over 30 years I have been working and specialising with Personality Disorders ADHD both recreational drug/alcohol and prescription drug addictions self-harming suicidality, and all aspects of developmental trauma.

List of specialist areas

  • Recreational and prescription drug / substance addictions and dependencies developmental trauma
  • ADHD Personality Disorders self-harming behaviours
  • anger management
  • domestic violence (perpetrator)

Contact details


Tel: 07894 314413
Tel: 01795 510154