Chip Somers

About me and my practice

My rooms are based in Cavendish Square, London. Since ‘ retiring’ from 30 years of full time rehab work in 2014 I established a private practice with a view to reducing my work to a quieter level. I set aside Sundays and Mondays for individual work and founded two additional ventures to continue the charitable side of the field within which I am involved. Referrals can be made in the usual ways, and on line facilities are available, though I find face-to-face work still retains a degree of authenticity that modern technology has not yet managed to match.

Outline of offer and experience

I established the Abstinence Recovery Trust in 1998 ( - 1167161) to help fund clients unable to procure funding for residential rehab. In 2019 myself and Veronica Valli set up the podcast Soberful - - this offers free podcasts aimed specifically at people either thinking about or in the early stages of recovery from alcohol or drug dependence. Although I am qualified to engage with clients with many varied presenting problems I am without doubt best known for working with those with a background of substance misuse or require support with issues related to recovery.

List of specialist areas

  • Substance misuse assessment
  • Individual therapy
  • Family work
  • Aftercare and ongoing post rehab support
  • Trauma
  • Public speaking and talks on dependency

Contact details


Mobile : 07595 183 338