Dawn Gadsby

About me and my practice

I am a Person Centred Psychotherapist with a specialism in addictions. I offer individual therapy, couples, family and group therapy also. I specialise in addictions (I have 25yrs lived experience and 9yrs in recovery currently) but also in helping individuals maximise their potential, to make sustained long term, positive changes. I am proactive in my approach and use a combination of Person centred and REBT to provide effective therapy and a unique, bespoke service. You can be your best You.

Outline of offer

I am a Psychotherapist and Addictions Specialist. I work with individuals so that they can learn to understand themselves and thus make sustained long term changes. Education and empowerment tools are essential in this battle. I also work with businesses in order to educate on addictions and addictive behaviours, warning signs etc Addiction is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about but education on how to effectively help is integral. I run workshops on a variety of Topics including: Addiction- what it is and isnt Managing thoughts, feelings and behaviours Drugs incl Alcohol How to make positive changes- neuroplasticity Who Am I? I also run 6wk and 12wk courses based around identifying weak points or areas to change, strategising those changes and then implementing them. I also do motivation talks and public speaking about Addiction, The Power to Change and Being You.


    I have 25yrs in active Addiction.

    • 9yrs currently in Recovery.
    • 2yrs at RASA, a sexual trauma therapy service
    • 4yrs at Lifeline, addictions charity as a keyworker/group facilitator
    • 3yrs at NHS Ambition Sefton Addictions Centre
    • 4yrs running a weekly community support group.

    Contact details



    Instagram: dawn.edentree

    Facebook: Dawn Patricia

    WhatsApp : 07548607902