Fiona Yassin

About me and my practice

Fiona is Clinical Director of The Wave Clinic and specialises in trauma focused treatment of teenagers, adolescents and families.

Based in Kuala Lumpur, Fiona provides solutions to International families both in person and online.

Fiona has specialist training in working with High Conflict Divorce and Families in crisis. Fiona is EMDR trained (EMDRIA) and a UK Accredited Psychotherapist and Clinical Supervisor (UK & UNCG) Fiona is trained in CBTe (Oxford Group), TF-CBT, FREED (Kings’ College, London), A Member of the international chapter of IAEDP and RO-DBT trained. MBT (Anna Freud Centre for Children and Families - in progress). Fiona is a Fellow of APPCH.

Outline of offer 

Fiona is able to assist families and young people throughout their treatment journey. With an extensive network of professionals, Fiona is able to plan and assist in treatment solutions, whether residential, outpatient or at home.

Fiona can assist with assessments and place allocation at The Wave Young Adults, a long term program for young people who need support away from home, combining education and GAP year experiences.

Fiona has a small private practice dedicated to the treament of Eating Disorders and Borderline Personality Disorder with Addiction.


Fiona has over 15 years experience in the treatment of addictions. Having been fortunate enough to work with families from every corner of the world, Fiona has experience in helping families to rebuild following the effects of addiction and multi generational trauma.

Fiona has created programs for young people in both residential and outpatient settings and has been fortunate enough to work alongside wonderful professionals.

Fiona had a specialist interest in psychiatry across the female lifespan and the effects of substance use disorder, together with early intervention in BDP.

Fiona is currently working alongside PSIMA (Malaysia) to raise awareness of Eating Disorders and Addiction in the Asia.

Contact details

Fiona can be contacted on 60125227734 (Direct/What’s app) or 60327271799 (Reception) [email protected]