Heather Laurence PhD

About me and my practice

Heather holds a Ph.D. in human, animal studies, and has over 35 years of experience working in a therapeutic role, Heather has developed her own methods of working with individuals and families which encompass a mixture of ecopsychology, (a blend of eco and traditional science-based theories) and a mixture of creative activities, nature, and her beloved animals. To help people gain the most from wherever they find themselves.

Setting up a small organisation in 2002, North East Ponies as Therapy (NEPAT) began her work in teaching the reconnection, with some amazing and fascinating results which she is more than happy to tell you about and show photos of same. Heather and her ponies went to schools, hospices, day therapy centres, and hospitals. NEPAT was a frequent visitor at local events and local authority fun days, and Heather still treasures some of the artworks that she was gifted by some of the service users.

Her own love of creativity and the arts being prevalent in her life since school days, a commissioned artist, a published author, and performer (having appeared on stage and screen) she is more than aware of the therapeutic benefits of the arts. Her own life experiences have gone a long way towards creating an empathetic professional therapist who is passionate about her work.

Heather also is a well known and highly regarded professional dog trainer and handler who has worked and trained over 4000 dogs, educating everything from pet puppies, and screen stars, to detection dogs and therapy dogs, with all kinds of behavior issues in-between, Her own detection dog winning a commendation from the PDSA for her work and her own dogs being therapy animals and who on one occasion were smuggled into a hospital, (along with Heather and her now Husband) to give comfort to a dying girl whose only wish was to be with dogs one more time.

Her ability to teach people to get the most from their relationship with their animals is the pinnacle of the structure of the successful well-established business that she has run with her husband since 2010.

Heather states Nature is the best teacher we have, we need to spend more time getting to know nature in order to learn more about ourselves animals give us such a lot back, they say such a lot, you just have to listen, it doesnt stop at animals, the whole planet talks to each and every living thing on it, but only humans use the words we understand you will be amazed at the difference really connecting to nature for even one hour can make to your wellbeing


Over thirty five years working in a therapeutic role. 

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