Lidia Krotoszynska

About me and my practice

I specialise in managing emotions, conquering addictions and dependencies, and illuminating the darker sides of life, relationships and business. I teach in an optimal way to manage emotions, knowledge, relationships and time. I support in making decisions and taking responsibility for them, as well as building good, healthy private and professional relationships. I teach how to manage a crisis and, above all, how to kindly support yourself instead of push.
I am the author of educational materials, training and training projects. I am happy to host as an expert in the press, radio, TV and SM.

  • I work in the integrative including: person-centred therapy by C. Rogers, multimodal therapy by A. Lazarus, integrative behavioral and cognitive approach by D. Meichenbaum, personal schemas by J. Young, focused on experience by L. Greenberg, existential approach by I. Yalom.
  • psychotherapeutic practice: 6,540 h
  • supervision: 513 hours
  • accredited postgraduate studies and training: 1,406 h,
  • volunteering (mental health) from January 2007: 2,300 h

Outline of offer

I work with young people (starting with 16 year olds) and their families, adolescents, adults, and couples in areas of: crises, harmful habits in thinking and acting, addictions, impulsive and compulsive behaviours, trust (towards self and others), self-esteem, as well as emotional disturbances.

Set up an appointment with me if you are having problems dealing with important or difficult situations, or for any of the following reasons:

  • you have a hard time with acceptance of real loss that doesn’t get any easier despite the passage of time;
  • your needs aren’t being met in everyday life situations and relations with others;
  • you are experiencing obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviours which make your everyday life difficult;
  • you’re trying to limit or completely eliminate consumption of alcohol;
  • faced with obstacles you give in or overreact, and you consistently experience fear and anxiety;
  • you feel powerless when faced with aggressive or degrading behaviour from others;
  • you feel powerless against being exploited and used by others;
  • you have a hard time extracting yourself from hurtful interactions, situations and relationships;
  • you have a hard time taking responsibility for your own life, your decisions and dealing with consequences in a healthy way;
  • you’re looking for answers how to avoid self-depreciation and underestimating the symptoms, how to be self-supportive instead of pushing or abandoning yourself;
  • you’re looking for solutions which you can effectively implement in your life to help you feel your own impact, efficacy, and responsibility.


  • Addiction - action and behavior, crisis, thought and action reaction involvement, impulsive and compulsive behavior,
  • Anxiety, grief and loss, trauma, depression, emotions (shame, anger, fear), behavior and behavior,
  • Assertiveness and communication skills, conflicts (internal and external), problems with self-detection, stress management and building detection skills.
  • Life changes, personal development, relationship problems, workplace problems: career change, dismissal, mobbing, retirement.

I teach my clients how to turn their weaknesses into strengths and learn important lessons from their life failures and missteps:
      → Learn optimal emotional, knowledge, relationship and time management and how to manage crises, and most importantly how to support yourself instead of pushing yourself.   
      → I offer support in making decisions and then taking responsibility for them, as well as building healthy, positive personal and business relationships.

Contact details

Tel: 44 7596 291 392 , 48 505 078 505