Pamela Roberts

About me and my practice

It is my intention that by supporting people to be free from the damaging psychological effects of traumatising experiences and destructive behaviours, the way to personal freedom and wellness can be found.

Problematic symptoms can include anxiety, depression, addictions, risk-taking behaviours, a sense of helplessness or hopelessness, obsessions, compulsivity, agoraphobia, panic, fear, irritability, guilt, shame, difficulty concentrating, mood swings, outbursts of rage or violence, poor sleep patterns, dissociation and withdrawal. These days we understand trauma to be complex.

Together we can explore the potential to heal that is inherent within us to feel less overwhelmed, more connected and more able to cope with life and all its joys and with all its challenges.

Outline of offer and experience

My professional counselling and therapy training began in 2003. After a period of personal upheaval, the experience gave rise to a life-changing direction and brought me to the world of psychology and psychotherapy. Since that time, I have worked in a variety of settings and had experiences working with different organisations an outreach worker, working with people who found themselves homeless and often falling into sex work, alcohol and drugs.

I have worked in addiction rehabilitation centres and psychiatric environments, through which I have gained so much insight and knowledge. Later, I joined an ex-colleague to assist with a new start business offering addictions treatment in a Dayhab setting. For some years now I have been working with the Priory Group as a therapist and the manager of the Addictions Treatment Programme. The programme offers an holistic and integrative approach to recovery from addiction, importantly in an environment where we can explore the underlying issues and experiences – a wholesome recovery.

Since 2004 I’ve been working with individuals, couples, families and groups as a psychotherapist. I have extensively developed my knowledge in addictions and in trauma therapy and continue to explore and enrich my experience and knowledge in this field. I am interested in group processes, e.g. family, social, community, and conflict resolution. The importance of a sense of belonging is such a key topic, as well as the potential issues that can be evoked within and between relationships. With over 17 years of experience and research, I’ve continued to focus on the deep psychological shifts people need to make for their well-being. My therapeutic orientation is a relational and collaborative approach. I draw upon psychodynamic, behavioural, gestalt, systemic and other humanistic and client-centred philosophies. Throughout my years as a psychotherapist,

I have continued my studies, most recently with NAOS Institute, Bath University and currently with Metanoia. My time in these settings has led, not only to a great deal of experience and understanding about addictions, but also a particular interest into complex trauma and PTSD. The prolonged exposure or repeated experiences of inter-relational trauma has a profound effect on the relationship between individuals and groups, our first group of course being our family, and the way we influence with each other. Trauma, relationship dynamics, addiction, life experiences can help or hinder our growth and the ability to change and fuels my own passion to support people as they navigate these complexities.

My therapy is partially informed by 25 years of experience in the business travel industry. I started this career with British Airways in a corporate capacity. This led to a long-term career with Hogg Robinson Business Travel International acting as a Business Analyst and taking a middle management role, organising staff worldwide, and managing the multi-million travel budgets for three of the top ten clients for HRBTI. Training Experience I am an accredited member with the Addiction Professionals (AP), regularly attending seminars to ensure I keep up to date with latest research in the field of addictions knowledge and a registered member of The British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). I provide experiential CPD training on addiction and working with addictions.

List of specialist areas

  • Substance and behavioural addictions
  • Trauma - relational, event, developmental, threats to safety, abuse, violence
  • Couples Therapy

Contact details

07825 653 556



Clinic: Willow Health | 4 Paris | Parklands | Guildford | GU2 9JX