Scott Wallace
Dual Diagnosis Practitioner

About me and my practice

I have many years experience working in private and NHS settings. I receive referrals from private psychiatrists and work in partnership with them with the client, I’m DBS checked, insured, and offering the highest levels of privacy, I have many years’ experience supporting people to overcome issues surrounding their own (or someone else’s) problem alcohol & drug use and addiction. I work from your home or a place that you choose to be seen. I offer a free 30 min consultation so that you are able to assess if I’m the correct therapist for you.

The focus of sessions will always be to create positive change, build hope, working towards meaning and purpose, confidence, and try new ways of doing thing, even when the situation appears hopeless.

Outline of offer

The main therapy I use is a type of traditional psychotherapy called logotherapy. It focuses on helping people to become more aware of what makes their life meaningful, so that they can overcome the obstacles affecting their quality of life more easily. When we can not change a situation we are challenged to change ourselves.


My focus will always be to support you in overcoming the issues you want resolving and to help you to reach and maintain your goals. I know that substance use and addiction can change people, and can cause many other problems (e.g., health, work, relationships) and I offer an understanding, empathetic, confidential service.

Contact details

Please email for appointments - leaving your name and phone number. I will contact you within 24 hrs.