Simon Brown

About me and my practice

At times, life can seem challenging and overwhelming, especially if we have established seemingly ingrained behavioural patterns that are causing harm or hindering us. However, I strongly believe that our challenges can be ‘unwanted gifts.’ In opening and unravelling them we can find empowerment, potential and fulfilment.

I specialize in supporting people who want to change their relationship with alcohol, substances, or behaviours that they find unhelpful. I also work with partners, families, and significant others who want support in coping or supporting someone with overinflated tendencies to drink, take drugs or engage in harmful activities.

My counselling style is ‘integrative.’ It synthesis or blends traditional and contemporary therapeutic approaches to allow a fluid, comprehensive and open way of viewing and working with people. Within this methodology, I collaborate and create a confidential, honest, safe and respectful relationship with clients. Whilst we engage, you will have my utmost unconditional positive regard, my empathy and genuineness. By being genuine, I mean I’ll be me, as authentic as I can be, present, confidential, non-judgmental, and completely in the mix at hopefully just the right potency in supporting you.

Regarding dependency and addiction, I work within the ‘Biopsychosocial’ framework. Meaning, addiction, dependency needs to explored within the interrelated biological/physical, psychological, and social components when looking at ways to observe and manage what’s going on for us. I am also very familiar with the Recovery Management Model. This structure can be invaluable to some, who want an evidenced based framework to ground themselves with in building up positive resources or ‘Recovery Capital.’ This approach alongside a well thought out and agreed Support Plan can offer a great potential to success.

I understand that ‘addiction’ not only affects the individual who is struggling, but it can also have a significant impact on their loved ones and those who are in close contact. My goal is to create a safe and non-judgmental space where family members and significant others can come as individuals or as a group in collaborative and compassionate manner to express concerns and receive the tools and resources that they need. Moreover, this in turn can really boost the potential for recovery to those who are currently in ‘addiction.’

I always prefer working with people directly face to face where I can. This would be from rooms in Brighton and Hove although I can do online sessions. I can also visit people in their homes or places of residency should they fit safety requirements.

Outline of offer

I offer you my lived and professional experience, my ongoing education and training, dedication, commitment, and support if you chose to engage with me. This can be in various formats.

One to one counselling

  • 50-minute, ‘face to face’ counselling £60.
  • 50-minute ‘online’ one to one online counselling , counselling via Zoom £50

One to one counselling with ‘significant others.’

This centres on supporting the partners, family members or significant others of people who have addiction/ substance misuse issues.

  • 50-minute face to face session. £50
  • 50-minute ‘online’ counselling with ‘significant others.’ £40.

Initial face to face meeting to explore individual needs, draw up a treatment plan and discuss confidentiality etc. £30.

(This price covers the cost of hiring a therapeutic room and travel). Discounts on pre-paid block bookings are available. Please visit my website for further and more specific information.


    I bring over twenty years of experience in working in therapeutic, residential, and support settings. This has been with a diverse range of people who have presented a variety of needs. I welcome all, regardless of any individuals characteristic. I celebrate, protect and safeguard the right for people to express gender, sexual identity, race and ethnic background as well as religious or cultural centricities. I also promote inclusion and equality in areas of mental and physical health.

    I hold a Dip in Integrative Counseling and BA degree in Psychology and Management Studies as well as a Masters, MSc in Substance Misuse (Sussex University). I also bring with me the knowledge and experience of delivering lectures in Critical Addiction Studies from my time at Brighton University. Furthermore, the competencies of devising and developing psychosocial programs for Change Grow Live (CGL).

    Whilst I feel confident in my abilities, I am active in continuing my professional development and engage fully in my own support networks. I also recognize that I have limitations, or there may be a time that is not right for us to effectively work together. If these challenges are evident and cannot be overcome, I am happy to help you find a more suitable therapists or help the referral process to support services.

    Contact details

    Telephone 07917 280 245