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Our webinars cover up-to-date issues that practitioners face, delivered by experts. See our future webinars. Webinars from the last 18 months which can be watched immediately by joining Premium Membership include:

Preventing deaths in custody
Presenters Dr Caroline Watson (Lead GP HMP Bedford, RCGP Clinical Champion Healthcare in Secure Environments) and Dr Jake Hard (Chief Medical Officer for Correct Care UK, Clinical Director HMP Cardiff, Clinical Lead for the Health & Justice Information Service) look at the prevention of substance-related deaths in custody by examining factors that have contributed to death rates.

The impact of the pandemic on people who use drugs and treatmentservices: what we can learn from research
Presenters Professor Catriona Matheson (University of Stirling), Dr Jo Kesten (Research Fellow, Bristol Medical School), Dr Jenny Scott (Senior Lecturer, University of Bath) and Dr Emmert Roberts (MRC Clinical Research Fellow, the National Addiction Centre) explore the impact of the pandemic on people who use drugs, and will draw on research conducted during this unique period in time, and what we can learn from it

Diamorphine-assisted treatment: learning from primary care
Presenters Danny Ahmed (Clinical Partner, Foundations) and Hannah Poulter (Research Associate, Teeside University) discuss the experience of his primary care practice in setting up service delivery of diamorphine-assisted treatment in a community setting; and findings after more than 2 years of providing this treatment.

An introduction to trauma-informed care
Katy Flynn, Clinical Psychologist, Achieve Recover services describes the basics of what trauma informed care looks like in addiction services.

Chemsex: the key issues
Owen Bowden-Jones will take us through the key issues to consider regarding chemsex, the taking of drugs specifically to enhance sex, usually by men who have sex with men.

Problem Gambling
André Geel, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, will cover the following: gambling as a public health issue, prevalence, how to identify problem gambling, and what's the best intervention and treatment.

Benzodiazepines - the trickiest issue in the field? Dr Martyn Hull on working with problematic benzodiazepine use including risks, harms and detoxification.

So you want me to prescribe dexamphetamine? Graham Parsons, Consultant Clinical Pharmacist on What makes an NMP a specialist in the modern day substance misuse services? and the issues regarding competencies and the increasingly important role of the Non Medical Prescriber.

Setting up Hepatitis C care pathways Dr Carola Sander-Hess, Medical Lead Inclusion discusses hepatitis C care
pathways and how to make them work including how to engage clients into treatment. 

Responding to the misuse of fentanyl Dr Prun Bijral , Medical Director CGL discusses the issues relating to the worrying trend of fentanyl use, and will outline how services can respond. 

Opioid analgesic dependence in pain patients Dr Jane Quinlan Consultant in Anaesthesia and Pain Management on the complex issues involved in pain management and opioid dependence drawing on
her experience.

Alcohol problems working with complex needs Dr Martyn Hull, Clinical Director, Turning Point discusses some of the grey areas clinicians face when working with people with problematic alcohol use.

Novel Psychoactive Substances - sharing prison and community experiences and good practice Dr George Ryan, Clinical Advisor Public Health England, Criminal Justice Team, Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco Division on the issues of NPS in prison and community settings and guide us as to what can be learnt from this.

Opioid substitute treatment and dose optimisation: how to get it right Dr Steve Brinksman on the evidence and practice of how to get the OST dose right. He draws on guidance and his experience of working in the field to discuss the difficulties of finding the right dose for patients. 

Improving lung health in those who misuse substances Dr. Aadil Shah,Regional Lead Consultant Psychiatrist, CGL discusses how to improve lung health amongst a group who have a high prevalence of lung disease. 

Clinical updates

Thomas Jones, Service Lead for the Alcohol Care Team at King's College Hospital is our Clinical update editor. Every 3 months he provides summaries of the most recent research and provides commentary on what it means for the field. For tasters of clinical updates.