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Name       A Smith                                                  Period of time covered:       Aug- Nov 2020


Example template

Date of learning activity

Learning activity

Time involved

Why did you choose this activity and how is it relevant to your practice? Which aspect/s of the Standards of Conduct and Ethics (SCE) does it support?

How will this change your practice?

Have you identified further actions for this learning need?

5th Aug

Half day workshop

4 hours

I need to increase knowledge of impact of FASD on children, and the effect this can have on their families as I work regularly with women who drink alcohol and become pregnant. SCE 4.1

I can provide better information to women and their families regarding risk of drinking alcohol during pregnancy and the likely effects of FASD

Keep updated on the subject via journals/ articles/ podcasts



 30th Sept






Webinar on using lived experience to influence service provision


1 hour


I have questioned whether we have consulted enough with people with lived experience in the design and delivery of our services. This webinar was delivered by an expert with lived experience, who is an expert in the field.

SCE 3.1 


I have discussed with colleagues how to involve the views of people with lived experience into the service we provide and we have come up with an action plan

 Make sure the action plan is reviewed regularly

8th November

 Motivational interviewing (MI)  update

7 hours

I took a 2 day MI course 3 years ago and realised that I needed to have an update as a result of discussions in supervision. This course was accredited and providing good quality assurance. SCE 4.1 and 8.1

This has re-focused my attention on the use of MI in my work and I feel my interventions with people who are ambivalent have improved.

Continue to discuss MI in supervision