Watch free recorded webinars in our series on medical cannabis

Medical cannabis and pain: a clinician's experience

This webinar covers a range of conditions including real life experience of treating different types of pain and other coexisting symptoms. It includes presentations from patients with experience of being prescribed medical cannabis

Presenters: Dr Elizabeth Iveson Consultant Stroke, Elderly and Neurorehabilitation Physician
Chair: Dr Steve Brinksman, Clinical Director, SMMGP

Medical cannabis and the treatment of pain

Presenters: Dr Sunil Arora, Consultant in Pain and Anaesthetics.
Lucy Stafford. patient with lived experience
Chair: Dr Steve Brinksman, SMMGP Clinical Director
This webinar includes: the use of medical cannabis in the treatment of pain;
and the views of a patient with lived experience.


Medical cannabis and drug policy in the UK

Speaker: Professor David Nutt.
Chair: Dr Steve Brinksman, Clinical Director SMMGP.

This webinar covers policy regarding access to medical cannabis in the UK.

Medical cannabis: does it have a role in the treatment of substance use disorders

Speaker: Professor Nicholas Lintzeris. 

Chaired: Dr Stephen Willott.

This webinar includes:

  • the evidence base for the use of medical cannabis and problematic drug and alcohol use
  • a clinician’s experience of treatment of drug and alcohol dependency with medical cannabis.

Medical cannabis and anxiety 

Speaker: Dr Dani Gordon. 

Chaired: Dr Stephen Willott. 

This webinar includes:

  • The evidence base, including prescribing regimens
  • A clinician’s experience of prescribing medical cannabis for anxiety.

Medical cannabis in the UK: an Introduction

Speaker: Dr Kishan Mahabir. 

Chaired: Dr Stephen Willott. 

This webinar covers:

  • An overview of medical cannabis and the evidence base
  • Pros and cons of medical cannabis from a clinician’s point of view
  • Treatment pathways to medical cannabis in the UK, including and barriers and enablers.

Made possible through an unrestricted educational grant from Althea.