New applications

1 Are you a Practitioner / Advanced Practitioner Member or Associate Member

2 Fill out the application form. Chose which route you are applying for in Criterion 4 and fill in the section of the application form that applies to you. Please be aware of the following:

  • AP reserves the right to interview any applicant if it is judged that an interview is required to complete the accreditation process.

  • Please type or write clearly in all areas of the form that apply to you, and include all extra sheets and documents you need. You, your supervisor and the person supporting your application for accreditation (your proposer) should respond to all the questions asked, or answer ‘not applicable’. Do not leave any questions unanswered unless you are told to do so. You should explain any abbreviations and acronyms you use in your application. If you do not fill in all of your application, or we cannot read it, we may send it back to you.

  • You may need more than one copy of a page or more space. Please photocopy or reprint the relevant pages or continue on a separate sheet of paper and include with your application.

  • AP reserves the right to contact any person or organisation mentioned in your application.

  • AP does not return applications so please save a copy for yourself prior to sending the application.

3 Include copies of your insurance.

4 Provide evidence of all training you are using to meet Criterion 4. Please include a verified copy of the award (certificate) for each course. Please do not send originals.

You can get a verified copy of the certificate by:

  • Taking a photocopy of the original
  • Writing ‘This is a true copy of the original document’ on the copy and signing it
  • Asking your Proposer or Supervisor to sign the copy as a witness to your signature

We do not accept copies that have not been verified. If your name has changed from that shown on your certificate please include as proof, a letter of explanation and a copy of your marriage/civil partnership certificate or deed poll.

5  Please include your Supervisor/s report/s with your application. For more guidance on supervision.

Each supervisor should see your completed application and casework before completing their report. Please give your supervisor/s the Supervisor report.

6 Arrange for your proposer to fill in his or her report and send it to us separately, to arrive at the same time as your application. Your proposer should normally be one of the following - a holder of the NCAC accreditation; a UKCP registered counsellor; a BACP / UKCP registered practitioner; a BPS Chartered or Registered Psychologist; or someone holding MRCPsych, or MRCGP status.

Your Proposer should know you well enough to confirm that you are:

  • a responsible person
  • a person of professional integrity
  • of good standing within your profession

Your proposer should not be a supervisor who has submitted a report for your application. Your proposer should not be a client or an ex-client. Your Proposer should not be your husband, wife, civil partner, partner or close relative. Please give your Proposer the Guidance for the proposer form and ask him or her to fill in the Proposer statement. 

7 Pay your fee for accreditation* (£150 non refundable). Details of how to pay are on the application form.

Your certificate will be emailed to you with your notification of accreditation. This certificate is only valid when accompanied by AP Membership. You will be required to renew your membership annually (a reminder will be sent in advance). Accreditation is valid for three calendar years from the date accreditation was awarded.

New NCAC application check list

AP Individual or associate member?
Have you fully completed the application form?
Copy of insurance included?
Evidence of training included?
Supervisor'/s report included?
Proposer's report included?
Payment made?