Applicants for the Drug and Alcohol Professional Certificate are required to complete 1 optional unit. This can be evidenced by:

  • Proof that the competency/ unit has been covered in an educational level 3 qualification such as an NVQ/ diploma
  • A workplace assessment
  • Another professional qualification

Practitioners will often use a combination of the above forms of evidence in the application process.

NOS optional units NOS Code
Support individuals who misuse substances


Enable access to services to those affected by someone else's use of alcohol or other substances AB7.2014
Raise awareness about substances, their use and effects


Develop and disseminate information and advice about health and social well-being


Test for alcohol and other substance use


Lead the service delivery planning process to achieve outcomes for individuals SCDHSC0415
Manage the prescription of controlled drugs for substance users AH1.2014
Supply injecting and other relevant equipment to individuals who use substances and facilitate safe disposal


Support individuals through detoxification programmes AH7.2014
Support individuals to take their medication as prescribed GEN135
Work with individuals to encourage a reduction in harmful alcohol consumption and drinking behaviour AH10.2014
Use recognised theoretical models to provide therapeutic support to individuals who misuse substances AI1.2012
Use recognised theoretical models to provide therapeutic support to groups of individuals who misuse substances AI3.2012