You can use a successfully completed FDAP accredited course to apply under Criterion 4 ROUTE 1. You can use another completed counsellor/psychotherapist training course for Criterion 4 ROUTE 2. If you have not completed a training course successfully or in time for your application, you will not be able to count it towards your training hours.

If you apply under Criterion 4 ROUTE 2, or Criterion 4 ROUTE 3, you must show that you have completed a placement as part of the requirements of your course(s). A placement is assessed counselling/ psychotherapy work with genuine clients, carried out as part of your training course(s). Hours spent on placement do not count towards the 450 hours of formal teaching time. However, they may count towards the supervised practice hours.

Acceptable training course hours are those that relate to formal timetabled tutor contact time. Non-contact hours (for example, private study, reading, writing assignments and so on) cannot be included. Most qualifications in the field of human relations, applied social studies and human services are not counselling/psychotherapy qualifications and you cannot use them to meet Criterion 4. (Examples of these qualifications include: BA or BSc psychology, sociology, applied social sciences, medical degrees, professional certificates and diplomas such as health visiting, social work, personnel qualifications, training for religious ministry, alternative health and healing qualifications.)

You must provide evidence of all training you are using to meet Criterion 4.

Please include a verified copy of the award (certificate) for each course. Please do not send originals.

You can get a verified copy of the certificate by:

  • Taking a photocopy of the original
  • Writing ‘This is a true copy of the original document’ on the copy and signing it
  • Asking your Proposer or Supervisor to sign the copy as a witness to your signature

We do not accept copies that have not been verified. If your name has changed from that shown on your certificate please include as proof, a letter of explanation and a copy of your marriage/civil partnership certificate or deed poll.