Benjamin Marr

About me and my practice

My experience in working with addictions and substance abuse goes back over thirty years and is primarily concentrated on clinical work with clients who are working through addictions with alcohol, drug and pornography. I also work with clients who are suffering from body dysmorphia and have developed unhealthy habits, such as over-exercising and spending excessively. My methodology with my clients is to provide a safe and containing listening space in addition, use music, art and dance therapy to allow my clients to feel heard and understood. It is my intention to truly understand the root of an addiction and to allow my clients to be where they wish to be in the moment.

Outline of offer

Relational Psychotherapy is based on the idea that who we are and how we relate to others is formed early on. When we come to understand what we believe to be true about ourselves, we realise as well that these beliefs come from the messages and responses others gave us at a very young age. In relation to my practice specialisations, these are in the fields of: addictions and substance abuse, acceptance and commitment therapy, understanding co-dependence, LGBT issues, depression and early years trauma. I believe my work with clients who are going through a twelve-step process and are in touch with and supported throughout their therapy by organisations, such as the A.A., N.A. and Co-Dependents Anonymous, is integral to the therapeutic work undertaken together.


As to my professional background, I have been working for thirty years as a counsellor and psychoanalytical psychotherapist. I am registered with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (B.A.C.P.), under registration number 0383789 and individual membership 0525107. I am also listed on the Counselling Directory and Therapy Tribe. My work with clients who have addiction issues and who are prone to have compulsive behaviours, as well as those who have eating disorders and suffer from body dysmorphia, makes up the main body of my practice and which I find to be so very rewarding.

Contact details

Mobile: 07473 743 758

E-mail: [email protected]