Christopher Paling

About Chris and his practice

With over two decades of experience in therapeutic behaviour change, Chris worked in both the National Health Service (NHS) and charitable sectors. His expertise lies in assisting individuals who are seeking to make positive changes in their alcohol and other drug usage, as well as adopting healthier lifestyle habits. 

Chris has a specialism in addiction and is committed to working together with individuals who are navigating difficulties in different aspects of their lives. He specifically focuses on tackling problematic behaviors that have been exacerbated by relationships with legal, prescribed, and illicit substances. By offering comprehensive support and guidance, Chris aims to assist individuals in overcoming these challenges. 

Chris applies a comprehensive approach to address addiction, considering the multiple dimensions of a client's situation. This includes their physical, emotional, and social factors. By adopting this holistic approach, he aims to empower individuals in overcoming challenges and working towards leading healthier and more fulfilling lives. 

Chris is an expert in helping people overcome substance use problems. He offers personalised interventions and evidence-based strategies that are tailored to each client's specific needs. Chris takes a person-centred approach, meaning he considers the individual circumstances of each client to create a customised treatment plan that suits them best. 

In addition, Chris recognises the importance of collaboration and teamwork in achieving positive results. He actively works with different professionals such as medical practitioners, other therapists, General Practitioners, Pharmacists, and support groups to create a comprehensive care network for his clients. This collaborative approach ensures that his clients receive the best possible care and support. 

Chris’s dedication to ongoing professional development keeps him well-informed about the latest research and advancements in addiction. By staying updated, he can continuously improve his skills and knowledge, ensuring that his clients receive effective and evidence-based interventions for their recovery. 

Chris’s empathetic and accepting demeanour fosters a safe and encouraging space for those seeking assistance. He values trust and effective communication, ensuring that clients feel acknowledged, understood, and empowered to make meaningful transformations throughout the therapeutic journey. 

If you're struggling with addiction and need personalised support, Chris is a seasoned professional who can help guide you through your challenges. Reach out to him today to begin your journey towards a healthier and more fulfilling future. 

Outline of offer

By taking a comprehensive approach that includes incorporating mental health awareness, implementing harm reduction techniques, and maintaining a person-centred focus and continuously improving his practice, Chris’s knowledge and understanding will guide you to success. By utilising cognitive, trauma-informed, and solution-focused techniques, Chris will strive to support you in your journey towards positive transformation. Chris approach is centred around three key principles: harm reduction, promoting physical and emotional well-being, and fostering meaningful connections. As a former serviceman, Chris has firsthand experience in supporting ex-service personal who may be facing challenges in transitioning back to civilian life. Chris is a dependable resource for individuals who need assistance in dealing with difficult situations to support their loved ones or friends. Additionally, Chris possesses extensive expertise as a workplace educator and trainer, specialising in delivering personalised training on drug awareness and promoting practices that reduce harm. 

Chris is an innovator that has incorporated equine facilitation and learning into his practice to further enhance human development. With a genuine passion for horses, and an experienced horseman, Chris's top priority is to provide an exceptional and meaningful experience for you. Chris is dedicated to ensuring a compassionate approach that emphasises the well-being and welfare of the animals. The immense potential of horses to aid you in making positive lifestyle changes, finding happiness, and enhancing your physical and mental well-being cannot be overstated. Horses have proven to be powerful allies in these areas. With his youthful spirit brimming with curiosity and excitement, Chris offers a genuine presence that you can rely on. 


  • Substance use disorders.
  • Equine facilitated human development.  
  • Harm reduction
  • Friends and family support
  • Ex -Services and blue light  
  • Offending behaviour
  • Group work facilitation and training
  • SMART Recovery UK facilitator
  • Gambling 

Contact details

Mobile: 07545922943