Eleanor Levy CMgr MCMI

About me and my practice

I have extensive experience as a practitioner and manager in health and social care, working with substance use and complex needs including trauma in a range of health and social care services in institutional and domiciliary settings and in the wider community within statutory, charitable and voluntary services, including teaching sites for staff and client education and training. I have worked in criminal justice in prison and probation and in homeless and mental health services I have conducted pilot development and research and undertaken training in a model of counselling supervision specifically designed for team reflective practice and individual supervision for practitioners working within addiction and multi-disciplinary related fields.

Outline of offer

Consistent with my experiences in criminal justice, homelessness and mental health services I offer:

  • training and support services to organisations wishing to engage in quality improvement.
  • group and individual reflective practice.
  • support to individuals for professional and personal development.
  • advice and support for people whose substance use is problematic or has arisen from other issues.

These services are offered remotely (for the time being) using a range of online tools


  • Reflective Practice
  • Incident investigation and response
  • Client engagement
  • Criminal justice
  • Homelessness
  • Trained in NHS Quality Improvement and Leadership facilitation

Contact details