Hugh Garway-Templeman

About me and my practice

I am a calm and gentle, integrative therapist, who believes in developing the necessary resources to overcome our challenges. Healing is a progressive journey, often aided by working with someone who can facilitate the discovery of solutions to those challenges. I made a life-changing transition into counselling after a life in financial services. Immersed in a wide range of cultures and environments, I learned much through my own experience of stress and anxiety, managing high-pressure situations and the need to resolve frequent conflict. Ive worked with sufferers from alcohol and other addictions for over 20 years on a voluntary basis within a Twelve Step Programme, and understand that many forms of substance misuse can often appear an attractive alternative to the overwhelming pressures and emotions we feel.

Outline of offer

I offer a safe and confidential working environment, understanding trust to be a pre-requisite to opening up on the issues that deeply trouble us. Many forms of substance abuse are the result of trying to cope with underlying negative emotional states or unmet needs. Using evidence-based modalities, I will guide you in growing your self-awareness, encourage the challenge of unhelpful beliefs, and aid you in the discovery of solutions to those underlying issues as the expert of your own experience.


I hold a PGDip in Addiction Psychology and Counselling, and am also a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (MBACP) I will complete my MSc in this same subject in May 2022. Before starting my practice, I worked on placement with NHS Lambeth Talking Therapies, The Alcohol Service (CGL), and The Priory Roehampton. I continue as a volunteer counsellor with Help Information Support (HiS) men’s mental health charity. I treat people with a wide range of issues, that include addiction, general anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, and relationship difficulties.

Contact details

07595 714 534