Hugh Trethowan

About me and my practice

If nothing changes, nothing changes. I run a private practice and have worked in both daycare (DHI, Bath) and residential (Clouds House/ Action on Addiction) centres and have long experience in 12 Step methods (abstinence) and Harm Reduction models of treatment (cutting down). I will work collaboratively with you to seek solutions and in the case of an addiction, help in overcoming a growing problem over which you may feel you have little or no control. If your issues are more generic, I hope my life experiences and many years of counselling may be of benefit to you. I am under regular & professional supervision and am committed to developing and expanding my counselling skills to better help you.

Outline of offer and experience

Please feel free to call me and ask whatever questions you like. Perhaps then we can arrange an initial appointment currently via Skype, Facetime or phone. A first session, in complete confidence, gives us the opportunity to talk and to see whether you feel my counselling may suit you or not. I have long-term experience working with those brought up in alcoholic or dysfunctional homes (ACOA or ACA) - or clients who may be fighting addictions of their own.

List of specialist areas

I am (NCAC) Accredited - which means I have jumped through all sorts of academic and practical hoops to become a better counsellor and therefore better able to help you. I see a trained supervisor regularly for the same purpose. Additional areas of counselling I can help with:

  • Living with Tinnitus and how to manage it
  • Giving up Smoking
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Low Self-Confidence/ Low Self-Esteem.

Contact details


Telephone: 01225 330 007

Mobile: 07791 117 276