Jacky Power

About me and my practice

I have experience working in rehab centres and currently have my own private practice. Testimonials from previous clients: With Jacky I never felt judged nor that any topic was out of bounds. I couldn’t recommend working with Jacky highly enough. I would like to take this opportunity to say how amazing you are. I am constantly in awe at how well you manage me and know when I am becoming distant or agitated and are able to settle me. You have always put me at my ease and made me feel very comfortable because of the sessions I have learnt so much about myself and become much more self-aware

Outline of offer

MSc Addiction Psychology and Counselling Master Practitioner of Eating Disorders Certified EFT practioner. Extensive experience in dealing with all types of addiction. Committed to helping partners and family members of people dealing with addiction. Works with Adult Children of Alcoholics and Dysfunctional Families.


    Emotional neglect Sexual and physical abuse. Working through shame Addictions - particularly alcoholism, sex addiction and work addiction (often seen as burn out) Speaker at mental health events (International Conference for Addiction and Associated Disorders & Mindfest)

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