James Hansen

About me and my practice

James has been involved in the addiction(s) field since 2008. James has worked for various residential addiction clinics across the UK. As a result, has a vast amount of knowledge and experience in treating those who present with addictive behaviours. James has completed the Addictions Counselling degree (FdSc, BSc) at the University of Bath. During this time he started his private practice in 2015. James then went on to start his own company in Aug 2020. James is currently supporting individuals to achieve realistic goals. That include a lifestyle, free from addictive behaviours.

Outline of offer and experience

Since starting his own company in the Addictions field, James has identified through study that various disorders can co-exist with addiction (some not identified). He has embarked on a learning journey to educate himself, not only in addictions but also in the area of ADD/ADHD. Recent studies suggest Addiction can coexist with ADD/ADHD. Becoming educated in both these areas now enables James to deliver appropriate levels of support to those who present with addiction and ADD/ADHD, either separately or together. This knowledge and experience supports James to tailor the treatment to suit the individuals need.

List of special interests

  • Drug addiction
  • Addictive behaviours
  • ADHD (Life coach)
  • Alcohol addiction
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Trauma

Contact details



Tel: 07515 894 013