Joonas Vehvilainen

About me and my practice

My main therapeutic technique combines acceptance commitment therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness to treat a variety of addiction and mental health related difficulties. In my career so far, I have gained valuable experience in supporting clients with addictions such as drugs, alcohol and sex, as well as helping clients with anxiety, depression and management of emotions.

Outline of offer

I find counselling to be a collaborative approach to resolving an issue. From my experience, the best approach is to work together to discover what is contributing to the difficulties clients are seeking help for. One of the most important aspects in being able to create change in ourselves, is the ability to acknowledge what needs to be changed. Once the issues and their contributors are identified, the process of reshaping thoughts and behaviours for the better can begin.


In 2014 I pursued my interests in studying mental health by completing an Undergraduate degree in Psychology at the University of York. The following year I acquired a Master’s degree in Neuroscience at Kings College London to reinforce my existing knowledge of mental health by investigating its biological processes. I recently achieved a Masters in Addiction Psychology and Counselling at London South Bank University (LSBU) in 2022. I have worked as counsellor for several years in various places across the UK such as addiction recovery services, the NHS and BetterHelp. At the moment, my main focus is on counselling clients privately.

Contact details

Phone number: 07946 555 761 Email: [email protected]