Joseph Tucker

About me and my practice

I graduated from the Centre of Addiction Treatment Centre in 2016, with a foundation degree. My most recent role has been Lead Practitioner at a residential drug and alcohol treatment centre. Action on Addiction Clouds House September 2019 – Present Many my own case load of clients. Approximately 2-3 at any one time. This includes 3 1:1 sessions a week, along with facilitating group therapy at least twice a week.

I work full time, which includes weekends. I have been undertaking this practice for the past 5 years.

Outline of offer:

Below I describe more detail about each role I have had as a counsellor and as a leading practitioner.

  • Provide expertise, insight, advice and guidance to colleagues with regards to the Clouds House treatment model.
  • Carry out risk assessments, management and treatment plans.
  • Monitor delivery of the model by team members to ensure adherence to the model.
  • Drive the safeguarding of vulnerable adults and children by ensuring compliance with the safeguarding policies.
  • Provide mentoring, learning opportunities, coaching and training for students, volunteers and members of the team to build a learning culture.
  • Lead team meetings communicating organisational news, garnering feedback from staff, passing on knowledge and expertise.
  • Ensured clinical supervision is effective and well attended.
  • Reflection on lessons learned regarding treatment outcomes.
  • Engaged the team to deliver successful treatment outcomes e.g.: commitment to abstinent recovery, client engagement with mutual aid and social support networks.
  • Maintained relationships with care teams and referrers.


Lead Counsellor Action on Addiction Clouds House September 2018 – September 2019

  • Carry a small caseload of up to 2 clients
  • Carry out interpersonal group therapy with clients.
  • Provide individual counselling sessions.
  • Produce high quality client records.
  • Liaise with external professionals involved in client care.
  • Arrange and facilitate family conferences in consultation with the client.
  • Identify safeguarding concerns and report in a timely and appropriate way.
  • Provide first-line management for the counselling team including bank workers, students on placement, and holistic treatment providers (sub-contractors)
  • Carry out progress reviews and appraisals in line with policy requirements.
  • Managing attendance including sickness absence, annual leave, other absences.
  • Recruitment and induction of team members.
  • Monitor performance, provide feedback to workers, take action to address under-performance.
  • Organise weekly and monthly rotas to deliver effective resources to meet the treatment model.
  • Develop training plans with team members.
  • To provide staff members with support to ensure their wellbeing and safety.

Counsellor Action on Addiction Clouds House September 2016 – September 2018

  • Carry out client assessments and risk assessments.
  • Be an assigned case manager and counsel clients about their substance abuse using recognised theoretical frameworks and the Clouds House Interpersonal model.
  • Provide group therapy.
  • Provide 1:1 counselling.
  • Deliver workshops and facilitate gender groups, community meetings and other group activities. 
  • Create and review treatment plans.
  • Produce client files and case notes.
  • Liaise with other relevant professionals about clients.
  • Contribute to family conferences in consultation with the client.
  • Identify safeguarding issues and report these.
  • Attendance of all Treatment Team and Counselling Team Meetings.
  • Attendance of clinical group supervision, line management progress reviews and staff support sessions.

Contact details

07713 972 568