Julia Jakeman

About me and my practice

I approach therapy from a humanistic and relational stance, believing that we always have the capacity to change and grow in positive ways. I believe that the way we cope in our present-day lives is influenced by our past experiences and that by going back into our childhood and examining that experience, we may find clues as to where many of our coping mechanisms originate. When we become aware of this, it gives us the opportunity to change these ways and find healthier, kinder ways of treating ourselves in our present-day lives.

Outline of offer and experience

I am a qualified psychotherapist and counsellor with a MSc in Integrative Psychotherapy from Staffordshire University and a member of the UKCP (UK Council of Psychotherapy), BACP(British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy), AP (Addiction Professionals) and NCS (National Counselling Society). I have volunteered in Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation, providing therapy to both staff and clients and been part of a community charity that allowed addicts, alcoholics and their families to access therapy. I have lived experience of the effects of problematic alcohol consumption and safeguard my recovery through 12-step programmes and continuing CPD. I have also accessed training to understand the culture of the Armed Forces and how that experience impacts on the mental health of all involved.

Contact details

Therapy is Face to Face or via video or telephone with my insurance allowing me to take on clients across the UK and Europe. I charge £45.00 for the initial assessment session and then £60 an hour for adults and £70 an hour for couples. My working hours are flexible.


Text to 07850 994 970