Mary Longley

About me and my practice

My main focus is on screening and assessment, and training others in these skills, including in psychometric screening for substance use. I am a company director of SASSI Direct Ltd, established in 2004, which aims to enhance assessment procedures through standardisation, risk identification and psychological profiling to increase client confidence and engagement.

I also offer consultation and report writing services for health, social services, probation and criminal justice applications.

Outline of offer 

I offer training in screening and assessment of alcohol and drug problems, consultation and support services for people undertaking assessments, and report writing services for non-specialists, including youth offending workers, non-statutory providers of services to adults and adolescents, and statutory health, social and criminal justice workers.


I worked in a Tier 2 alcohol service (APAS in Nottingham) for 17 years, offering screening, assessment, face-face and telephone counselling, training and supervision in a city centre venue, as well as in Primary Care, Probation and Detention settings.

I subsequently worked for Alcohol Concern in London in their Primary Care Alcohol Information Service for two years, providing advice and support to Primary Care professionals seeking to introduce alcohol services into local practices.

More recently I worked as Primary Care Alcohol Development Facilitator for Camden NHS Primary Care Trust, introducing primary care services into all suitable practices, and training Graduate Psychologists, GPs and Practice Nurses in screening, identification, motivational work, referral pathways and brief interventions with excess drinkers, as well as offering direct interventions myself.

Contact details

Email or telephone: 0870 060 0363

SASSI Direct Ltd, Mercury House, North Gate, Basford, Nottingham NG7 7FN