Sally Murtagh-Cox

About me and my practice

I am a predominantly online Private Coach working 1:1 with people who have problems with Addiction and mental health issues.

My area of special interest is working with the Neurodiverse Community. I am also exploring setting up some support groups in the city for people who are wanting to connect with others and find support with a wide range of Mental Health/Substance use/Neurodiversity issues. I would like to offer Acupuncture at these groups as a way of bringing an expensive service to people who wouldnt usually be able to afford it.

I use a wide range of Psychosocial Interventions which focus on assessment of that individual person and understanding what stage of change they are at. Next I can match the work that I do to that stage and can support them in moving forward. I use tools and elements of CBT, DBT, Person Centered Counselling Skills, Motivational interviewing and Coaching Tools to engage creatively with clients and help them to work out what they would like to achieve through being in treatment.


Worked in my Local Addiction Service for 13 years. Went from working as Drug Screener for Clients on Court Orders touring a Drug Intervention Project Practicioner to a Substance Misuse Specialist.

I am now a Private Life Coach working predominantly online. In the addiction agency that I worked in, my roles and responsibilities included:

  • Supporting clients from referral triage stage
  • Assessments
  • Tier 2 and 3 interventions
  • Management of substitute prescriptions through referring and liaising with medical professionals and monitoring clients progress
  • Careful care planning and risk assessments to keep systems updated and manage historical and current risks
  • Working with 18-25 year olds in the community that required creative strategies.

I also worked collaboratively with a number of outside agencies to create a joined up approach to maybe sure that all areas of the clients needs were being met.

I now work as an online Coach. This involves much of the same work but I am now a Private and my business is called Reboot Recovery. My aim is to try to fill of the gaps and unmet needs that mean that people cannot get the right support through statutory services through providing a professional service at affordable prices. I also have lived experience of ADHD/ASD/Sensory Processing Disorder as I am diagnosed with ADHD and my 3 children are also diagnosed with either ADHD, ASD or both. This gives me a level of understanding of the link between Neurodiversity/ Mental Health Issues/trauma and addiction. If the underlying conditions and causes are not explored and or diagnosed then the addiction is very likely to stay present as a coping strategy.

Contact details


07982 119 984