Samantha Lloyd

About me and my practice

I am currently working within a community setting in Nottinghamshire, managing a case load of 54 mixed (opiate and alcohol) service users.

My role includes:

  • Supporting service users from point of entry into the service and through their treatment/recovery journey
  • Providing screening, assessment, and recovery planning and onward referral
  • Reducing drug and alcohol related harm to service users and the wider community
  • Promoting carer, service user and community involvement
  • Providing advocacy for access to partnership services
  • Working with service users to support social (re)integration, enabling them to lead meaningful and purposeful lives: promoting recovery, resilience, peer support and self determination.

Specific responsibilities

  • Act as main care coordinator overseeing assigned groups of service users, providing: screening asset mapping comprehensive assessments recovery planning (using motivational interviewing techniques) and reviews of care.
  • Coordinate a tailor-made package of care including: Recognised psycho-social interventions, 1to1 key work, POD and group work, Clinical interventions, Harm minimisation and brief interventions.
  • Carry out comprehensive service user assessments, including asset mapping of community resources and develop individual recovery plans that clearly identify how achieving each goal will enable progression in addressing substance use and re/integrating into the community.
  • Support the development of service-based recovery communities.
  • Further develop CGL’s links with local recovery groups / mutual aid groups.
  • Ensure the timely and accurate collection, recording and reporting of specified data.
  • Assess suitability for groups in terms of risk and special needs.
  • Carry out risk assessments and risk management.
  • Triage assessment and onward referral to a range of treatment/community support agencies.
  • Work with prescribing clinicians to support substitute prescribing regimes to improve social functioning.
  • To be creative and innovative so that the post best meets the needs of the service user, promoting access in to treatment, and continued engagement with underrepresented communities.
  • Ensure that all aspects of confidentiality are adhered to and that consent to share information is a key element to building trusting therapeutic alliances.
  • Help individuals to develop recovery resources and access peer and mutual support groups to develop their own recovery capital.
  • Work and liaise with other agencies involved with the service user’s broader care plan including health services, hospitals and GPs.
  • To support the smooth running of the service, by contributing to tasks such as reception, duty cover, and clinical duties on an ad hoc basis.
  • Provide health education especially in regard to harm minimisation, blood borne viruses and overdose prevention.
  • To assist and carry out appropriate screening processes including DBST, urine and saliva tests, after completion of appropriate training or demonstration of relevant experience.
  • To carry out key harm reduction strategies such as running of the Needle Exchange and distribution of Naloxone, after completion of appropriate training or demonstration of relevant experience.

Outline of offer

To support individuals through recovery. Providing harm reduction, relapse prevention, recovery planning and SMART recovery. I use elements of CBT along with psycho-social techniques to aid recovery. I also work along side organisational doctors in supporting service use through OST treatment and detox/rehab.


    I started my role as a recovery worker at HMP Lincoln and currently work within the community in the same role but with a different organisation. I have strong drug knowledge and worked as a pharmacy Dispenser for 8 years and have knowledge of mentla health comorbity through studies and research but from experience of working in the mental health sector including high secure units.

    Contact details

    [email protected]

    07976 464 851