Sarah Briggs

About me and my practice

In my view, addiction is linked to trauma: that the addictive or compulsive behaviour is intended as a solution to the historical pain. This pain can come from a variety of sources: childhood abuse or neglect family history relationship issues workplace problems like bullying or harassment sexual crimes such as rape witnessing or involvement in traumatic incidents. So my approach to working therapeutically with addiction is first to stabilise the symptoms, while taking an integrated approach to addressing the origin of the compulsive behaviour. Its a tough process for the client to undertake, but it usually yields effective results.

Outline of offer and experience

I work in private practice, usually on Zoom (unless the client is in my local area in Wiltshire, lockdown restrictions permitting). I have extensive experience working with trauma and relationships - which is the lens through which I usually work with clients for whom addictive or compulsive behaviour has become unmanageable. My availability and fee information is shown on my website

List of specialist areas

  • Certified Clinical Trauma Professional: IATP.
  • Accredited sex & relationship therapist and supervisor COSRT.
  • Accredited psychotherapist and supervisor: BACP.
  • Addiction professional: AP.

Contact details



07973 368 512