Simon Mahony

About me and my practice

Addiction, mental health issues and distress, at some point in life we can all suffer from any of these issues. You are not alone, and you dont have to suffer needlessly. Like many people Ive faced my own fair share of these problems and found myself engaging in therapy that changed my life. I believe that everybody can obtain long-term happiness through the self-awareness that therapy offers. We can often tell ourselves that we are different, broken some how, that therapy wont work. However, there is light at the end of every tunnel and together we can take that journey to over-come any issues and create a life of possibilities.

Outline of offer

I offer discounts to students and those on low incomes as well as a free no obligation initial assessment to allow you to see if this is the right fit for you. I use proven evidence-based therapies to facilitate long-term change, allowing each client a unique client focused approach based on their individual needs and goals.


Im a therapist with many years experience working in private practice, charities and local authorities helping clients work through a vast array of diverse issues, disorders, phobias and traumas. Specializing in treatments for mental health issues and addiction, whether substance related or behavioral.

Contact details

Call on 07552 216741