Sydney Lewis

About me and my practice

My nature is I care about people and want to help them I used to try and fix them and often seem to care more about their problems than they did. But as I have matured my core way of being has changed. Studying counselling at levels 3 and 4 with a Person-Centred Therapy focus has changed my way of thinking Rogers 19 propositions and 7 stages has influenced my outlook. Person-centred counselling is the foundation from which I work. Aron Beck founder of cognitive Behavioural Therapy and others have said, Rogers Core Six are necessary but not sufficient. Sometimes the client needs extra self-directed help and I have studied CBT and REBT which allows me to be more directional with clients when it seems helpful for them, it also offers a good structure for working with clients. My experience is that these approaches work well together. Some of my clients want to change but are ambivalent about what or how to do so. I felt I wanted to improve how I could help them with their ambivalence. Fortunately, my recent training with Catalyst which has a Motivational Interviewing emphasis has provided me with improved skills to do this and I have readily adopted MI into my way of working, dovetailing with PCT and CBT.

Outline of offer

I provide one to one sessions and work in small groups.

Contact details


Mobile: 07979 907 091