Sylvia Cowell

About me and my practice

I am a qualified therapist and I work with clients who find it difficult to ask for help. I specialise in working with addictions, anxiety, depression and relationships. I work with both individuals and couples. I offer a safe non judgemental space where all topics, concerns or issues are welcome and will be treated with empathy and resepect.

Outline of offer

I work with clients by having an initial session to explore the main concerns and issues that a client or couple are experiencing. We will also explore the hopes and goals for the outcome of therapy. The session is also an opportunity for clients to decide whether I am the right therapist for them. I use an integrative approach, utilising tools from CBT, MI, Psychodynamic, TA and Person Centred therapy to support clients as appropriate. I work collaboratively with clients who are experiencing difficulties with alcohol, drugs, food, shopping, sex, or other addictions and impact on relationships, work and life in general.


I have worked with clients in a range of settings, including NHS GP Practice, Low Cost, Student Counselling, Domestic Abuse Services and Private Practice. I have helped clients to reframe the relationships they have with themselves, and utilised this to rebalance the relationships they have with others, and their addictions. This approach has supported clients to start to process and heal any traumas that have been at the centre of their addictive behaviour and provide clients with a sense of agency and control over their lives.

Contact details


Mobile: 07950 481 157