Victoria Seed

About me and my practice

Are you living with a loved one’s addiction?

You're not alone.

As a Family Recovery Specialist, with over two decades of experience, I offer a private and confidential service to help you navigate this challenging time.

My goal is to help you live your happiest and most peaceful life, while also providing effective strategies to encourage your loved one's recovery. I offer personalised coping strategies to improve your well-being and reduce stress.

I believe in a compassionate approach that emphasises care for your loved one. I never advocate for ‘tough love’ or waiting for ‘rock bottom’. Instead, I provide strategies to motivate your loved one to seek the help they need.

Support is delivered online and globally, making it easy for you to access support no matter where you are located. As a safeguarding specialist, you can trust that you will be in safe hands.

In addition to my experience as a Family Recovery Specialist, I offer consultancy and training to other services, so you can be assured that you are receiving your service at a high standard.

You are not alone. Let me help you navigate this difficult time and move forward with your life and purpose.

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Outline of offer and experience

My services are discreet, and I offer one-to-one support tailored to you and your specific needs. I also provide group programmes, as well as a membership option.

I help family members at any stage of a loved one’s recovery, including post-rehab and during treatment. Mostly, I help clients who have a loved one who is not changing or willing to accept they have a problem (yet!)

If you are a partner, parent, friend or family member of someone experiencing problems with alcohol/drug use, here are some of the ways I can help:

  • One-to-One Coaching: I provide private and confidential coaching sessions tailored to your unique needs and circumstances through my signature programme, Permission Granted: Reclaim Your Life from a Loved One’s Addiction.
  • Group Programme: Group option where you can connect with others who are going through similar experiences and go through the family recovery journey over 12 weeks.
  • Join my free Facebook community #NotMyAddiction for professional women living with an addicted person here
  • Get a free PDF download of Ten Ways to Family Recovery here

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Specialist Training

    • Trauma Informed Practice (Lou Lebentz)
    • 5 Step Method (AFINET)
    • The Concerned Other (Phil Harris)
    • Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT- Myers)
    • CCAR Recovery Coach
    • Drug and Alcohol Practitioner
    • BA (Hons) Social Ethics
    • Professional Certificate in Effective Practice
    • ILM Leadership and Management
    • C&G Further Education Teaching
    • Motivational Interviewing
    • Understanding Drugs and Addiction
    • Solution Focussed Brief Therapy

    List of specialist areas

    • Addiction & Family Recovery Coach
    • Addiction & Family Recovery Specialist

    Training & Consultancy (Substance Misuse & Family, Parental Substance Use, Safeguarding Children)

    Contact details

    Tel/Whatsapp: 07984 837 302