Premium Membership Webinar: Covid-19 and drug and alcohol services: we are through the rescue phase, what's next?

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all Premium Membership webinars are currently free to everyone.

Drug and alcohol services and their clients have experienced massive change in the delivery of treatment over the past few weeks in response to the pandemic. 

This webinar will look at the next steps, as services navigate the relaxation of some of the lockdown measures.

  • Have some of the changes been beneficial? Have they given services the chance to innovate?
  • Are there threats to services as we come out of the pandemic?
  • How can services prepare themselves to meet the needs of clients as lockdown is relaxed?


  • Dr Steve Brinksman. Clinical Director, SMMGP
  • Oliver Standing. Cheif Executive, Collective Voice
  • Ben Hughes. Head of Wellbeing and Public Health at Essex County Council

Supporting people with drug and alcohol problems during the pandemic

This is a webinar aiming to support FDAP members during the pandemic and available to FDAP members only

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Covid-19 has posed a number of challenges for those providing psychosocial support to people with addiction issues. Although we are out of the 'rescue' phase, there remain a number of challenges with face-to-face working and most contact is now taking place remotely, either on-line or over the phone.

This webinar will cover:

What to consider when working online, including contacts and technology
Issues of working online with groups
How to meet the needs of family members and carers during the pandemic

Kate Halliday. Executive Director, FDAP, Webinar Host
Mick Green. Counsellor and Counselling Supervisor
Christine Tebano. Service Manager & Chief Executive Officer, Parent Support Link
Tim Leighton. Director of Professional Education and Research, Action on Addiction


Inclusion Resources made available

Inclusion, part of the Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust has spent a great deal of time developing information resources in response to the needs of our patients and service users across England - this literature mainly responds to requests within our drug and alcohol services, but has a broader applicability to people who use our mental health, sexual health, recovery college and psychological therapy services.

Including 28 leaflets and one poster there is a range of information regarding different illicit substances and alcohol as well as information specific to Covid 19. These are available at their website.

These resources are now available free of charge to anyone who would find them useful. Inclusion, as part of the NHS is committed to working in an open and transparent way and supporting the best quality services we can.

Free Virtual Annual Conference 2020

What does good look like during and after Covid-19?
NHS Substance Misuse Provider Forum 

9th September 

Now, more than ever, NHS and voluntary sector providers, service users, commissioners, volunteers and other stakeholders need the opportunity to come together, collaborate, discuss, inspire and learn from each other.