In March 2020 the national NHSE Health and Justice started working in partnership with HMPPS to deliver an approved solution for healthcare video consultations in secure settings, including prisons, IRCs and CYPSE in England.

HMPPS have approved a software called Visionable for delivery of video appointments in secure settings. Visionable was built specifically for healthcare consultations and allows you to make video-calls in the same way as other software such as Zoom or MS teams, the difference is that Visionable is approved for use in secure settings.

NHSE want all healthcare providers in these settings to have equal opportunity to use video consultations to improve the quality and efficiency of their services and for this reason the programme is being funded nationally by NHSE for a pilot period of two years.

As long as providers abide by HMPPS security restrictions they are free to try video consultations in different ways driven by local need, priorities and interests. Visionable is very much a vehicle that is being given free of charge to providers to allow them to start using video consultations. NHSE are not restricting or defining what people can use it for clinically, and hope that services will think widely in terms of use and opportunities.

For full details, please download the PDF.