Adfam, Manchester Metropolitan University and Alcohol Change UK have been working together to produce a simple, practical advice leaflet for the families and carers of people with an alcohol or other drug problem who are seriously ill. The leaflet is available in English and Welsh.

The leaflet’s author, Sam Wright, explains why she wrote it: 

Many of us are part of a family or circle of friends where someone is experiencing problems with alcohol or other drugs. This can cause us a lot of worry and stress, but we often try to cope with it on our own. We may not know where to get help, we may feel ashamed, or perhaps we’ve tried to get help before and had poor experiences. In this leaflet, we explain what help you should be receiving, and give you some suggestions about how to get the support you deserve.

Sadly, some people using substances will become seriously ill – sometimes as a result of their substance use, sometimes completely unrelated to it. We explain what you need to know when things get really difficult, and how make the best of the situation if your loved-one is dying.

If you’re caring for someone with a substance problem who is seriously ill, this leaflet is for you.